Made By Rachel Website Now Live

The day of launching my website has finally come!!

If you’ve not heard of Made By Rachel before, I hand craft bespoke jewellery and other crafts. Most of my jewellery and craft products are based on the medium of polymer clay, which I have then shaped, hand-painted or moulded intricate patterns and designs into to create the finished product.

It’s a long process, and takes time and patience (which isn’t always in abundance!), but I love the feeling when I wrap up the order and send to a customer, knowing that they’ve got a really special gift coming their way. My polymer clay jewellery includes a range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings, which you can choose colour themes for (or just leave it to me…) on sterling silver chains or earring posts. The beauty of being handmade to order though is that custom orders are always a possibility and it’s great trying different materials and techniques.

I aim to inspire others with my products and in the coming weeks will be starting workshops & classes focussing in on some of the techniques that I use to make my products. There are more products in the pipeline as well, so keep watch on here for news of new products and events …

This website has been a labour of love over many months, and given me more challenges than I could ever have envisaged, however, to see all of my work in one central place now, and to be able to share my crafts is amazing! My mind is constantly thinking of new ideas and ventures to take my fledgling business on, but this first big step has definitely been a while in the making and is one to be celebrated.

So … Welcome, take a look around – is now live!


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